Program "B for Belarus", 26-06-2019

Владимир Баранич

Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst in the program “B for Belarus” on news, views, events and comments from Belarus (center of Europe by the way). Today the major theme of the program is “Belarusian balance of security and freedom. Social dimension”.

  • security first. The cost of Big Brother. Police, army, control bodies and intelligence units;
  • conscription army and a new mode of forcing youth to serve in it.
  • Belarusians are infatuated with Big Brother and do not realize the cost of such devotion;
  • social security: price regulation, licensing, regulation and special status for nomenclature favorites;
  • level of welfare and well-being in Belarus;
  • free loaders and parasites: Belarusian definition.


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 Program "B for Belarus", 26-06-2019 Program "B for Belarus", 26-06-2019