Program "B for Belarus", 23-10-2019

Владимир Баранич

Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst in the program “B for Belarus” on news, views, events and comments from Belarus (center of Europe by the way). Today the major theme of the program is “Elections in Belarus. How different are they in Belarus and in the West?”

  • Why about half of Belarusians believe we have democratic elections in Belarus?
  • Early voting as a means to ensure the turnout and the needed result.
  • Observation under strict control of the authorities. Vote count as a sacred ritual of the authorities – for their eyes only.
  • Why are so many people (over 550) who are eager to take part in the political performance called “parliamentary elections”?
  • Growing dissatisfaction with democracy in the West and in Europe. People are growing more skeptical about their governing elite.

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 Program "B for Belarus", 23-10-2019 Program "B for Belarus", 23-10-2019