Program "B for Belarus", 19-12-2019

Владимир Баранич

19 december 2019 Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst ( in the program “B for Belarus” on news, views, events and comments from Belarus (center of Europe by the way). Today the major theme of the program is “Belarusians law abiding people? What "rule of law" looks like in Belarus"

  • over 50% of all Belarusians are law breakers. Out of 16 million law violations 80% are in the area of traffic rules.
  • why Belarusians show little respect to formal law?
  • laws as guidelines and wishes subject to abuse by interpretation;
  • what saves Belarusians from stupid discriminatory laws?
  • the notion of “telephonogramma” (order from a state body given orally to a business or another governmental structure or a budgetary organization)
  • Belarus and the introduction of trial by jury. Will it work?
  • absence of participatory democracy, private property and active civil society in Belarus as the foundation of disrespect to Law.



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 Program "B for Belarus", 19-12-2019 Program "B for Belarus", 19-12-2019