Program "B for Belarus", 29-01-2020

Владимир Баранич

January 29, 2020. Another program “B for Belarus” on PRIMUS radio. This time the major theme of the program is “Pensioners and people with disabilities in Belarus”. We cover this theme with Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst.

  • there are over 600,000 registered people with disabilities in Belarus (about 7% of the population).
  • people with disabilities in Belarus as invisible people for the government and the society. Why is it so?
  • How a status “a person with disability” is granted.
  • There are about 3.3 mln. people in Belarus over 60 years old. 2.7 mln. pensioners. Is Belarus a good place for pensioners and people who need assistance?
  • If you young, healthy, wealthy and wise in Belarus it is a good place to live.
  • the government argues that people with disabilities have created good conditions for doing sports.
  • Employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


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 Program "B for Belarus", 29-01-2020 Program "B for Belarus", 29-01-2020