Program "B for Belarus", 12-02-2020

Владимир Баранич

February 12, 2020. Another program “B for Belarus” on PRIMUS radio. This time the major theme of the program is “Why do Belarusians cling to the past? Lukashenko as a president of Soviet Belarusians”. We cover this theme with Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst.

  • Belarus is a big collective farm and A. Lukashenko is the boss of all red directors.
  • Brainwashed by education system, propaganda machine and pop culture.
  • Typically Belarusian principles, “Maybe this is the way life should be” and “My house is in the outskirts. I know nothing”. How Belarusians cope with new information and its abundance;
  • Traditional relations between State and Man: Lukashenko as a shepherd and people as sheep.
  • Longing for Big Government to ensure everything from free education, healthcare and job security for life.
  • Suspicion and even rejection of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs: the notion of infested fleas
  • Poker face as defense from the outside world.
  • Marching from the Soviet style marsh. Belarusians realize that it is their swamp. Maybe they will start wishing to live in a decent place – not on a swamp.


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 Program "B for Belarus", 12-02-2020 Program "B for Belarus", 12-02-2020