Program "B for Belarus", 11-03-2020

Владимир Баранич

March 11, 27, 2020. Another program “B for Belarus” on PRIMUS radio. This time the major theme of the program is “Belarusians and their moneys. BYN-roubel, $-dollar, euro and other kinds of money and their substitutes”. We cover this theme with Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst.

  • $-dollar as a savior of household savings and means to defend from hostile government.
  • Hard currencies and Belarusian rouble in the 1990-ies. Pain of financial illiteracy. Why over 70% of Belarusians still save in $-dollars.
  • Inflation and devaluation as means of confiscation.
  • Is a national currency an indispensable part of the national sovereignty?
  • Hard currency in Belarus today. Where and how can you use it?
  • The notion “conditional unit” or “notional unit” as a way to say “US dollar”.
  • Why Belarusians are so reluctant about investing in stocks and bonds?


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 Program "B for Belarus", 11-03-2020 Program "B for Belarus", 11-03-2020