Program "B for Belarus", 27-05-2020

Владимир Баранич

May 27, 2020. Another program “B for Belarus” on PRIMUS radio. This time the major theme of the program is “Fighting coronavirus and the deepening multilevel crisis in the time of the presidential election campaign”. We cover this theme with Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst.

  • Personal experience: how Vlad Baranich got COVID-19 and what he did about it;
  • Professional doctors and medical stuff and the atmosphere of deep disbelief in official statistics on coronavirus.
  • Change of attitude to COVID-19: before and after the disease.
  • Belarusian in the state of constant pressure, tension and oppression. Losing hope, losing patience and getting much angrier.
  • 77% of heads of district executive committees (local bodies of power) are occupied by graduates of agrarian universities. Not a single district is headed by a graduate of Belarusian State University.


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