Program "B for Belarus", 20.01.2021

Владимир Баранич

January 20, 2020. Another program “B for Belarus” on PRIMUS radio. This time the major theme of the program is “Lawlessness. Legal and moral default of the Belarusian Leviathan”. We cover this theme with Vladimir Baranich, a country consultant and media analyst.

  • Law as a source of fraud, crime, injustice, discrimination and totalitarianism.
  • Law as a tool to exploit people and keep them as serfs.
  • Notion “Illegal law”
  • What the notion “rule of law” means in Belarus.
  • America is no longer an example to follow. Why we need common sense and good will to neutralize the Leviathan.


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Vladimir's info outlet is http://expat.by/

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